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March 24, 2014



Well flipping done you! What a great blog post.. I love that you have started blogging again, I am just about to do the same and hoping that I can keep it up. Life gets so busy, that is the problem..
Your dress looks amazing and reminds me that I have the Alabama C jacket (from the Craftsy course) partly made in my drawer, I do need to get on with. There are many of us out there with WIPs hidden like Squirrels with nuts so never feel alone.


Well thanks, http://watchthatcheese.wordpress.com ! I just checked your blog in hopes of seeing a new post - and would love to see what you've done on the Alabama Chanin jacket. I took the Craftsy course as well and made it as far as buying the pattern! I can't decide if I like the jacket, I can't decide what color to make it if I do like it, and I'd love to see what someone else has done with it.

I'm on a roll to post about my riding this month, but I'll try to get some sewing in as well!

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